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Precision Distribution for

Asset Management

Empower your wholesalers with access to the most accurate and trusted data on firms and advisors. Simply put: we help asset managers accelerate distribution and increase AUM.

Empower your wholesalers with actionable intelligence.

Outsmart the competition by empowering your teams with our data-driven research, analytics, and insights platform.

  • Identify and analyze firms and segments with long-term growth strategies
  • Discover firms with a focus on asset classes such as ETFs, bonds, and alternatives
  • Analyze changes in form 13F data
  • Uncover trends in product flows amongst your competitors
  • Track reps moving into, out of, or operating outside of selling agreements
  • Create data visualizations around firm custodian AUM, rep movement, and breakaway advisors

Pinpoint the right prospects with the right data.

Identify, segment, and track your top AUM prospects with MarketPro.

  • Target | Identify advisors currently using or likely to use your product
  • Segment | Leverage precision functionality to categorize your targets
  • Prioritize | Get detailed profiles on advisor and firm prospects to connect via LinkedIn
  • Execute | Empower your wholesalers to close your high-value prospects

Put your data management on autopilot.

Provide clean, accurate data on all FINRA and SEC registered firms and reps in your market to empower your sales and marketing teams.

  • API | Automated real-time delivery into your CRM or customer master data warehouse
  • Feeds | Customized file delivery for flexible deployment
  • Cleansing | Ensure your records are continually up to date to improve productivity
  • 浓缩 | Augment your inbound marketing leads in real-time

Improve your go-to-market efforts.

Connect to the right asset management and distribution opportunities with targeted marketing campaigns. As your strategic service partner, MarketReach enables your growth efforts.

  • Market Insights | Derive actionable intelligence from target segments using cutting-edge segmentation and analysis tools.
  • Audience Engagement | Reach, connect, and transact with critical segments, personas, and communities.
  • New Markets & Products | Launch into new markets or introduce new products to strategic decision makers and influencers.
  • Capture Market Share | From conquesting to win backs, run targeted campaigns that put the competition on notice.
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) | Growing sales requires reaching the right firms and the right reps. We partner with you to target the right leads, build, and execute revenue programs.

Know the financial advisors in your market. Inside and out.

Discovery Data's proprietary FRAME process provides the most accurate data on the financial services industry for your distribution, marketing, analytics, and data management. No other provider outperforms our data in:

  • Breadth
  • Depth
  • Accuracy
  • Number of Attributes
  • Value (ROI)
Learn how we deliver the most accurate and impactful advisor data.

Ready to move forward?

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