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Talent Acquisition

Find, connect, and deliver the right candidates.

Discovery Data covers the industry like no other data company, helping you deliver the best possible talent for your business.

Get the whole picture.

With the most complete financial services and insurance industry data, you won’t be left wondering if you are missing high-quality candidates.

Recruiting intelligence.

Target, prioritize, and reach out to candidates all in our market intelligence platform, MarketPro.

Partner for results.

Discovery Data’s strategic marketing team provides end-to-end support for your recruiting initiatives. From telling your story to optimizing your campaigns, we have you covered.

Track rep movement.

MarketSage’s ability to track rep movement from one firm to another allows you to understand where your reps moved to and where they came from, so you can fully understand the impact of your recruiting efforts and adjust your recruiting strategy as needed. See key insights on:

  • Reps moving multiple times
  • Channels with net gains and losses
  • Firms experiencing a positive net inflow

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